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Birtech Kft.
1136 Budapest, Hollán E. u. 38/B

Telefon: 06 (1) 412-0923
Fax: 06 (1) 412-0924
Mobil: +36 (30) 951-0251

Telephely 1.
MOL Nyrt. Ipartelep
Szeged-Algyő, Déli út 6750 Pf. 15.
Tel: 06 (62) 517-411

Telephely 2.
MOL Nyrt. Dunai Finomító
2440 Százhalombatta
Tel: 06 (23) 551-363


About Our Firm


Our company, BIRTECH Kft., has been providing professional services to its partners in all areas of electrical construction for more than 40 years since 1981. The scope of our company’s activities covers the design, construction, installation, inspection and maintenance of industrial, often explosion-proof, electrical power transmission, electrical heating, instrumentation and control systems. One of our prominent profiles is the complete construction of Raychem-type electric heating systems.

In addition to our headquarters in Budapest, we have a permanent, self-owned establishment in Algyő at the Szeged Mining Plant of MOL Nyrt. In addition, we also have a leased premise in DUFI in Százhalombatta.

We are qualified contractors in the territory of MOL Nyrt., we have been working for decades in various factories and sites of MOL as external contractors, so with existing local and technical knowledge, we undertake and carry out the required electrical manufacturing and on-site construction, quick repair and maintenance works with our existing local and technical knowledge.

The management and technical management of the company are carried out by highly qualified and seasoned professionals who have been active in the industry for decades.

With the official employment of our current 16 main employees, we continue our activities in strict compliance with all relevant accounting, labor, fire and accident prevention and occupational safety legislation.

Our colleagues have a wide range of professional qualifications, such as electronics engineer, mechanical engineer, and electrician. Most of them have technical qualifications.

In addition, locksmiths and arc and flame welders are also part of our team, who have the necessary professional certificates and fire protection exams.

This extensive professional background and qualifications enable us to perform high-quality work in the field of explosion-proof design, construction and maintenance.

We have been operating our MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system for more than two decades.